At Not Just a Box Events, there are quite a few things we love about being a small team. One, we can easily adapt to new changes so we can achieve efficiency faster. Two, team collaboration is easier since everyone can keep track of what the others are working on. And three, since everyone has a dedicated role, their passion really shines through their work.

But there are limitations as well.

Before anyone can become a customer — and even if they don’t — we want to  make sure that we are providing top-notch service. We figured one way to fulfill this is to have someone on standby 24/7 to answer help you with your inquiries.

Yes, we said 24/7! But don’t worry — we’re not violating any labor code here!

Today, we’re super excited to finally launch Debbie!

Debbie is not actually a person. She — err, it — is a chatbot and it’s there to make it easier for you to do the following:

Browse Services

It’s now so much easier for you to look for our services that best suit your event needs! Just go to our Facebook page, send us a message, and click Browse Services.

All our available services are displayed there, may it be weddings or non-weddings.

Check Date Availability

Want to know if the date you’re eyeing is still available? Just click Check Date and give the date you’re interested in and we’ll personally get back to you about it!


If you’re attending a wedding soon, you can confirm your attendance by simply chatting Debbie! Just click I’m a wedding guest and input the wedding password provided by the couple. Once you’re in, you can already RSVP and review the wedding details.

Isn’t that cool? This is just the beginning! We are working on more awesome things so we can serve you better.

Message us on Facebook and say hello to Debbie