Undeniably dapper: tying up in style

By April 14, 2017 No Comments

Neckties have always been associated to the whole idea of a gentleman, and wearing one is an effortless way of giving their whole look that classy vibe. It is almost always warranted during important, formal occasions. For weddings, especially, it never goes out of style. But while everyone is out looking for inspiration for their big day, be it the palest of pink or the boldest red, we found something that can also give the men a chance to find their colors!

is a local brand that believes everyone should look good. And for what is perhaps the most important day of their lives, men have to be at their most dashing and elegant. Kurbata offers a wide variety of ties in designs and colors, which means being color-coordinated with the wedding theme won’t be a problem anymore. And they’re not the usual ties, either, because they’re knitted!

Of course, ties aren’t only for formal occasions. Wearing one for a casual day out or a dinner celebration also works! Head over to their Facebook page to know more about this ingenious brand!