For most bride-to-be’s, the idea of planning your own wedding gives you this jolt of energy and excitement. Next thing you know, you’re already down the Pinterest wormhole.

We get it. And we can’t blame you either — Pinterest is basically inspiration heaven!

But most often that not, this exposure to different wedding ideas can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you’re already stressing out about what you really want, or how you can pull off the your ‘My Dream Wedding’ Pinterest board.

This is where wedding planners come in. But also, they can do so much more than just help turn your Pinterest board into a reality.

In this blog, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you deserve to hire a professional planner to handle your wedding. Read on!

1. You can stick to your budget and even save money.

People usually think that planners are expensive. It’s actually quite the opposite — and we’re not just saying this because it’s our business!

As opposed to amateurs, your creative cousin, or designer friend, professional wedding planners know the trade like the back of their hand. They work based on the budget you provide and they can give you the best offers from vendors.

No more unnecessary and overpriced expenses on mason jars!

2. You get personalized wedding ideas at your disposal.

With the rise of creative and out-of-the-box weddings, many people turn to the Internet (ehem, Pinterest) to look for inspirations. And that’s great! But what would actually make your wedding special and one-of-a-kind is if it’s tailored to your personality.

A wedding planner help you bring your vision to life, and can conceptualize ideas to be presented for your approval. This would save you of time running through websites on the Internet looking for inspiration. You will also be in for delightful surprises you never would’ve thought of!

3. You get the best vendors and deals.

A single wedding involves a lot of people and businesses. From caterers, designers, stylists, florists, DJ’s, and photographers, looking for them and making sure that they deliver is tedious.

Good thing that wedding planners have their established network of trustworthy and tested vendors whom they can recommend and contact for you. They know who’s the best one who can pull off what you want and all you’re left to do is to approve!

And with their existing relationship, you might just be able to score a deal you can’t get when somebody else is doing the coordination!

4. You can avoid being a bride-zilla.

Let’s be honest. One of the top reasons why couples hire a wedding planner is because they don’t have the luxury of time or the privilege of expertise.

This is how bride-zillas come to be. When done on top of current responsibilities like their day job or business, wedding planning can be particularly stressful. On the other hand, wedding planners make it a point to make the process an exciting and enjoyable experience.

You wouldn’t want to look like a stressed out bride at the altar, would you?

5. You’ll have people to depend on on your big day.

On the day of your wedding, the last thing you should be worrying about is if your wedding cake has been delivered or if every guest has their assigned seats.

Having a wedding planner (and a team of coordinators) takes away this anxiety. Sure, last minute emergencies may arise but best believe that they will be handled with swiftly and professionally.

With a planner by your side, you can focus on enjoying every moment of your long awaited day. You also get to appreciate fully the essence of your marriage which is love, and embrace the whole new life that comes with it.

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