When you’re part of a start-up, things are both challenging and exciting. You’re trying to get a company off the ground while it hasn’t proven anything yet. But when you’re with a bunch of idealistic, passionate, and hardworking people, it’s not too tough of a job.

Jerly Julao is one of Not Just a Box’s first employees. She was already with the company when it still wasn’t technically a company, and now she’s helped hundreds of couples have one of the best days of their lives.

It’s been a tough, interesting journey and Jerly disclosed how it’s all been in her interview below!

How many years have you been in NJAB? What was it like when you first started?

I’ve been in NJAB since 2010. Although I’m not the first hire, I was one of the first people in the team. It was a bit messy at first because of course, the company is not yet registered and we don’t have vendors yet — we were just talking to people from our own network, and then everything started from there!

How did the company change over the years?

Because I was one of the first employees, I was really able to see the company grow. Today, we already know the system and how to go about it. 

As I mentioned earlier, we had to get suppliers from our own network only: from caterers to florists and everything else. But now, we are more systemic!

We already have a long list of the best wedding suppliers and we’re always proud to be able to work with them. Over the years, we’ve also become one of the most trusted wedding and events planner in the region. 

How is it like being one of the pioneers of the NJAB team?

Of course, it’s something that I’ll always be proud of. It’s not easy to grow a company and I know that somehow I was able to help NJAB get to where it is now. I’m also very thankful because everyone in the NJAB team is passionate at what they do best, and I think that’s a big factor that contributed to the success of the company.

For you, what’s the most difficult challenge in wedding planning? How do you get over it?

Last-minute changes are always challenging. For example, a couple would like to change their supplier just a few weeks before the wedding. It’s challenging because not only would I need to cancel the original supplier, but there’s also the problem of looking for someone who’s available on their set date.

But we always try to avoid this kind of situation. One thing that I always encourage couples — especially brides — to do is to book a trial makeup. That way, they can see for themselves how they’d look like on their wedding day.

What’s the most fulfilling part of being a wedding planner?

The most fulfilling part for me is when the event is successful and that the couple and guests are happy. Of course, also when the couple themselves personally appreciate me as their wedding planner or coordinator. 

What’s the one thing you want all couples to remember/keep in mind in planning their wedding day?

Always keep in mind that there’s no perfect wedding. There will last-minute surprises and challenges out of your and our control, but that’s okay! Because at the end of the day, it’s about your marriage, not your wedding.


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