Most people would think that years of experience are needed to land an account manager role. Well, while experience is a great plus, it’s also important to give chances to those who are fresh in the field.

That’s exactly what Anna Sangco is.

At 21, she’s wide-eyed and hungry to learn all about the wedding industry. She’s the latest addition to the growing team of Not Just a Box Events coordinators, and she’s quickly learning the ropes!

Anna is currently the youngest in the NJAB team, but what she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in commitment and hardwork.

Not Just a Box Events CEO Aiza de Leon Ingles commends her ability to focus despite handling multiple priorities, her systematic nature, and her expertise in simplifying even the most complicated things.

Read on to know more about Anna!

How is it like being the youngest in the NJAB team?

It’s fun. Well at first, I was pressured of course. Not only am I the newest addition to the team, I was also the youngest. But right now, I don’t feel the age difference most of the time. They treat me just the same and I like it. Everyone’s easy to approach and supportive.

What’s the most difficult task you’ve ever encountered so far?

Every task is difficult. (Choz, HAHAHA!) Yeah, every task is difficult. One may assume it’s easy since it seems like we’re doing the same things anyway, but it’s actually different every single time. You deal with a different couple, different suppliers, different theme, etc. So I think that’s what makes it difficult the most. Every event is different because it is and it is what the client expects. A wedding is after all a significant milestone in their life as a couple and it is our job to give them a one of a kind experience.

What’s the most fulfilling part of the job?

It’s when the client expresses how much they appreciate your help. At the end of the day, after all the hard work and stress, a simple “thank you” would certainly mean a lot. It would make me feel as if I had done my job right. And that’s fulfilling to me.

What personal milestone have you achieved in NJAB?

I have always found it easy talking to people. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I thought I’d be a fit for the job. But of course talking to people in a casual manner and talking to people in a professional manner are different things. Throughout my time working as an Account Manager in NJAB, I have developed better skills in dealing and managing people professionally. I remember the first time I talked to a client, I was pretty nervous and I talked in a really low voice. Right now, I can easily and confidently present myself.

What valuable lessons have you learned as an account manager?

Your teammateswork with you and not for you. You may be the leader, but it takes each and every member’s effort to pull off an event. It’s important that you treat them well because these people will surely have your back. It’s actually the thing that impresses me the most about working with the NJAB Team.

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