If you’re an avid user of Instagram (let’s get real — who isnt?!), then you might’ve come across an online shop or two. Or hundreds more. It’s a handy platform for budding entrepreneurs, especially for those whose niche hasn’t quite reached an ultra-high demand to warrant a physical store. And besides, it’s a great (and free) place to start, right?


But Nami Creations is a bit different.


Rather than focusing on their own products, they wanted to share their creative space with other craftpreneurs. If you visit their Instagram page (which you should!), you’ll be greeted by different shades of blush and blue.


Their feed showcases the handiwork that makes weddings just a little bit more personal and a whole lot prettier. Handmade wedding favors and accessories? Gimme all of ‘em!


And their items are not just for weddings, either. For any occasion you can think of, they definitely have something to offer. Want to know more?


Give them a follow and send them a message!

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