Our own brand of magic: bringing inspiration anywhere

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A destination wedding isn’t always somewhere far and exotic, like in the less-explored places in Asia, somewhere in the West Coast, or in some private island in Puerto Rico. Sometimes it can be at our very own backyard.

For Oliver and Vanessa, Valentino Mountain Resort and Spa in Batangas was the perfect place–where the greeneries are as lush as their love, and where the seclusion from the urban landscape gave them and everyone else the serenity such momentous occasion warranted.

While the couple are locals of the place, it was a different environment for the chosen vendors and especially for the coordinators. Planning an out-of-town wedding and coordinating with vendors from Manila required different strategies. It was daunting as much as it was exciting! It was an opportunity to be somewhere new and thus, to do the magic someplace else. And indeed, it worked!

The pre-wedding activities were already hectic: a court has to be transformed into an elegant hall that’s similar to a hotel venue, except so much more spacious. The venue stylist, Teddy Manuel, was able to create a romantic and enchanting venue, together with K by Cunanan who did all the center pieces: candelabras with the softest tones of flowers contrasted with a touch of the reddest roses. Seeing the place, you wouldn’t dare think that it was the same place where basketball players would run amok and get sweaty. Every inch of the places oozed with romantic feels and elegance!

And during the day itself, not even the literal looming storm could dampen everyone’s mood– they were all smiles and giddy with anticipation in every moment unfolding one after the other.

For a huge wedding, and an out-of-town one at that, it’s truly a challenge to be able to pull it off. Together, the eight-man team of NJAB and the suppliers made sure that they were geared up in all aspects to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Being a coordinator will always be exhausting–and that is indicative of the hardwork that comes with it. May it be in NJAB’s home or someplace new, their brand of magic stays–always ready to help you dream, plan, create, and inspire.

Watch Oliver and Vanessa’s wedding day video below and see for yourself!

SUPPLIERS: Wedding coordinator: Not Just a Box Events / Account manager: Meeay Cudilla/ Photography: Jaja Samaniego / Videography: Notion in Motion / Bride’s HMU: Terence Buenaventura / Entourage’s HMU: Georgia Reyes and Romar Reyes / Bride’s gown designer: Patricia Santos / Entourage’s gown designer: Santa Emmanuelle / Emcee: Mark Adrian Bourne / Venue: Valentino Resort and Spa / Venue stylist: Teddy Manuel / Florist: Junjun Bitome (church) and Joseph Dizon (entourage) / Lights and Sounds: RM Sounds and Lights