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Please Respond: The Dilemma of Ignored RSVP

By September 28, 2017 No Comments

Receiving a wedding invitation never fails to make one feel giddy. To be asked to join the host in one of their most special moments? It’s the kind of affirmation that makes you really excited, even daydream the special day itself!

So you received an invitation and it was beautiful. The card was high-quality, your name was handwritten in delicate calligraphy, you were probably already planning your outfit. But were you keen enough to notice the wedding details included in there? It is a tiny but immensely important detail that is often overlooked or even ignored–because what does RSVP mean, anyway?

RSVP is an acronym for the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît”. It basically means “please respond” if you’re going to be able to attend the wedding or not. It sounds so easy and takes little time to do, but if left undone could prove to be such a hassle. 

Remember that the host needs to have a number of guests to submit to its venue, the catering company, and the coordinator. This would ensure that everyone would be included in the seat plan, the meal count, and other matters that are sensitive to the number of attendees. So if you forgot to respond to the host’s RSVP, chances are you won’t find yourself in the guest list. Some hosts would be kind enought to give an allowance so you won’t really end up without a seat or a meal, but chances are you’d be at a spare table–at the far back of the hall. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it? It’s especially important to respond if you’re bringing a plus-one, because he or she might end up with no seat at all!

An instruction on how to respond is usually indicated in the invitation card–either you mail it back to the return address, replying via email, or it could be as simple as calling the host to let them know you’re going (or not, or still in the fence about it). Either way, the important this is you will be doing your part in making the planning process as seamless as possible for the host and coordinators.