Golden warriors of love

By August 7, 2017 No Comments

It was just a little after eight when we entered the room. The curtains were drawn and if it wasn’t for the people already bustling around, you’d think it was still hours before daybreak. The videographers were at the other side of the room working conspicuously on the wedding details. The team of makeup artists have started setting up their things.

Today, Francisco and Teresita would stand at the altar and proclaim their love–this time in the presence of those who were born out of it since fifty years ago.

The thing about having your kids and grandchildren as members of your entourage is that the wedding preparations would seem more like a Christmas morning, only that it smells of hairspray rather than freshly-baked cookies. The whole room buzzed with so much energy that it was contagious.

For a couple who has been together for five decades, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of fun in their relationship. And as far as we know, Francis was a man with more than a pocketful of sunshine and good vibes. A man who knows how to keep everyone around him happy. Perhaps one of the secrets to a lasting relationship?

Children to grandchildren–everyone was all smiles as their beloved Nanay and Tatay, Lola and Lolo, renew their vows and prove in their own special way that their love has only grown stronger over time.

It must have been just as sweet as the first time. We can’t know for sure, but we do know that having witnessed this was enough to make our hearts flutter.

It’s been fifty years. The time that stretched between their first ‘I do’s and this moment may have been strained with difficulties as it was blessed with joy, or challenged by familiarity as it was strengthened by comfort in each other. But they reached this milestone, with the same look of affection and desire. This simply proves that this couple, Francis and Teresita, are undoubtedly golden warriors of love.

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