A decade of celebration: AMADY by Mayad

By September 5, 2017 No Comments

Love may be hard to find but it is even harder to capture.

Over the past ten years, Mayad Studios has proved its unique craftsmanship in the area of storytelling. Weaving together clips of love in its most shining moments is a tricky craft, and it is one that they have made their own. This rightfully earned them a special place in the hearts of many, and as well as in the wedding industry.

Mayad Studios is a homegrown brand started by a group of young, idealistic Ilonggos and through their craft, they have gone to many places, reached different milestones in local and foreign land. This year, they are coming home.

As thanksgiving to the Ilonggo people for their support since the humble beginnings of the company, Mayad Studios brings us AMADY: a wedding industry specially dedicated to the people of Iloilo, to create for them inspiring and heartfelt stories meticulously woven by its very own creative team. It is a tribute to its homeland–the place on which it grew, thrived, and eventually made a name of itself.

Iloilo will always be held dear to Mayad. Which is why AMADY is a symbol of love, for the City of Love, for the people who knows how to love best–and from the people who capture love in the most poignant way.

Visit their official website to know more about them by clicking here.