Brand it!: Monograms and Why

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One of the questions at asked in our previous article

“16. What craft and Hobbies are you into?”

Back when I was younger, I remembered collecting stationeries I loved everything about them! I had them scented, plain, colored, printed — you name it. I was even into trading blue ones for purple ones.

Aside from that, I also loved sketching, coloring, and especially writing. Although I’m not an expert in these fields, I am in love with it.

Which is exactly why I have devoted much of my time to personalizing special days for my clients. I’ve turned each wedding into a branded on — a brand made for them.

And get this: You don’t have to be a millionaire to set your own brand! In fact you can start anytime.

There are many ways to start branding your special day. I start with three in particular.

  1. Motif and style.  
  2. The Monogram
  3. and Hashtag

I hope the questions made you decide how you want your wedding to look like. So now that you have that picture in your mind you can work on  branding it, starting with your Monogram.  

What is a Monogram?

It’s technically a logo of either both your names intertwined or your initials put together to form one logo.

Having a monogram probably hasn’t crossed your mind ever. Don’t worry, it hasn’t crossed mine either, the same way my new probable signature with my new last name hasn’t until it dawned to me that I’ll need one.

I encourage it because it makes everything yours, it draws you closer to everyone through a thank you note, a souvenir, a picture or, in some cases,  napkins.  A proper monogram has to be something meaningful and neutral to anything you put it on. And well, you have to like it.

Here is a peak of mine!

I’m into writing. So I took lessons for both Gothic and Copper plate Calligraphy last 2016  — in the process of practicing, I injured my right wrist. So I had @Elvira Zabala write these for me and @Victor Lauron digitize it for a clean finish on anything.

The  Gothic  letter J  for Johann

Masculine and everything he wants from Lord of the Rings, Knights, and Game of Thrones.

And  the Letter A in copper plate

Feminine! From everything I want as a Disney princess to anything  dainty in style.


After digitizing the colors that could be placed in almost anything. this is now how the monogram looks!

Like I said, more than anything, you need to like it. And I like it!

Some samples where to put your monogram:



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