Badge of honor

By April 3, 2017 No Comments

Being a wedding coordinator means being so much more than the title, and being prepared to do more than what is in the job description. I never knew of this, and honestly never thought it would be so until I had a first-hand experience on how exhausting it actually is.

I thought, being a trainee and all, I would be spared from  the more gruesome tasks, those which involved having to run around the venue under the unforgiving  afternoon sun. But that was basically what I did–80% of the time. The other 20% was split among being a waitress, a babysitter, and an “art director”. There were moments when I felt unsure what to do, if I understood the instructions correctly, or if this particular thing I was doing would spoil everything that’s been prepared for the day. But I was comforted by my team’s occassional, “Bata, okay ka pa?”

As we were arranging the seats at the outdoor venue, I told one of the coordinators that she could throw me to the pool any time and I wouldn’t mind. I was half-serious. I have to admit it was an overwhelmingly tiresome day–and this isn’t me whining. If anything, it made me appreciate wedding coordinators more.

Despite the individual tasks that kept everyone busy, the team was kind enough to help me out and guide me through some things I wasn’t familiar with. Now I know that ‘setting up’ the registration table means decorating it with flowers and artsy lamps, meticulously arranged on top of artistically crumpled blankets.

By night time, I resigned to one of the seats at the back and just as I was about to block out everything and focus on the meal that I was looking forward to for the past nine hours, there was the SDE video. As someone who had a hand in making things work that day, I was compelled to drop my utensils and direct my attention from the sarsa-soaked lechon on my plate, to the LED screen in front. I was still aware of the pain in my legs and my throbbing headache but as I was watching the video–the creative outtakes, the magical candids, the rawness of the emotions captured on film–the body ache and the stress felt less of a hassle and more of a token. My very own takeaway from the wedding, one that cannot be equalled by any material thing from any event.

For me, the exhaustion that coordinators get from events such as these is their badge of honor and there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing all the efforts pay off at the end of the day. It’s their own kind of magical and I am more than thankful to have had my part in it.