NJAB Profiles: Anna Sangco

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Most people would think that years of experience are needed to land an account manager role. Well, while experience is a great plus, it’s also important to give chances to those who are fresh in the field. That’s exactly what Anna Sangco is. At 21, she’s wide-eyed and hungry to…

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Golden warriors of love

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It was just a little after eight when we entered the room. The curtains were drawn and if it wasn’t for the people already bustling around, you’d think it was still hours before daybreak. The videographers were at the other side of the room working conspicuously on the wedding details….

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Calligraphy workshop alert!

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Summer is here and when is a better time to learn something new–something to keep our creative juices from drying up? And hey, we all need a distraction from the intense heat, don’t we? Following the success of last year’s Your Signatures, The Loft brings you a series ofworkshops that celebrates…

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