Being a wedding guest is exciting. You’re invited to one of the most special events in one’s lifetime… but to be honest, it can be quite a pressure. You’re expected to dress and act a certain way — and if you fail at these, then you’re bound to really be the center of attention.

Since we’ve been to a lot of weddings, we can confidently tell you what behavior and other things are off-putting for a wedding guest. So save yourself the embarrassment and have a more enjoyable time with these do’s and don’ts!


1. RSVP on time

As soon as you got the invite, make sure to check the deadline for the RSVP. And if you’re 100% sure that you’ll be able to go, then confirm right away.

Otherwise, you might end up seated at a buffet table with people you don’t know. Yikes!

Save the couple a headache and unnecessary follow-ups by being prompt in confirming your attendance. And speaking of being prompt…

2. Be punctual

We know that there’s the Filipino Time concept but come on, it’s 2019 — we should all be mindful of everyone else’s time!

Besides, the wedding has been carefully planned since the first hour down to the very last, so it’d be a shame if it gets delayed because some guests aren’t there yet.

3. Dress accordingly and comfortably

Claire and Arlan by Amady

Of course everyone wants to look pretty and dapper during a wedding. However, two things you should definitely consider are the wedding’s motif and location.

Always go with the prescribed colors so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. And of course, dress for the location. If it’s a beach wedding, your 5-inch stilettos definitely have to stay inside the closet.

To be sure, you can ask the other guests for help!

Side-note: If the couple was able to book us for a Full Wedding Package, you may call our guest concierge where we can accommodate your inquiries about the wedding.

4. Be patient

Charlene and Philip by Amady

We’ve all probably experienced it — the wedding ceremony has just ended and you’re now standing outside the reception. Sure, it’s cocktail hour but you’re just itching to take a seat inside the reception.

Thing is, during this time, the couple are most probably taking photos inside and the wedding coordinators are making sure that everything is all set before you go in.

Oh, and if the invitation says cocktails will start at 5 PM, please don’t expect it at 4 PM.

Just relax and enjoy the program — you’ll be seated and served in no time.

5. Keep your speech short and sweet

If you’ve been assigned to do a speech, keep in mind that you’re only given a few minutes. And keep it easy with the inside jokes!

You and the couple may have shared a lot in the past, but there are things the guests can’t relate with and this can make your speech a bit… awkward.


1. Bring an unexpected date

Unexpected guests can be bothersome when it comes to seating arrangements.

Of course you’d want to be seated together, but if the couple or the wedding coordinators weren’t given a heads up, this could make the seating arrangement a bit messy.

If you’re planning to bring a +1, make sure to include it in your RSVP so necessary arrangements can be made!

2. Block the photographers

Thirdy and Kahil by Pleiocene Pictures

Living in the digital age has its challenges. Such as people who want to take so many photos, to the point that they block the photographer’s shots.

Most of the time, the couple has hired professional photographers and videographers to document their day. Sadly, they can’t do their job properly if people are also stretching out their phones during key moments.

You can snap a few photos for the ‘gram, but don’t overdo it. Come on, you don’t want to be that person.

Note: If it’s indicated in the invitation that it’s gonna be an unplugged wedding — meaning, no use phones or cameras — make sure to abide by this!

3. Eat and run

It’s a sad thing to admit, but this is unfortunately a common thing in Filipino weddings. Once dinner has been served, guests will start to walk out one by one.

Keep in mind that the couple has carefully planned the program and it’d be a shame if there’s no one to enjoy it. So if you can, stay until the end! The couple would really appreciate it — and you wouldn’t want to miss the SDE.

4. Be a killjoy

Don and Helena by Vago Nozze Studios

As mentioned, everything in the programmed was planned. So if there’s a segment that involves your participation, be a team player and help the couple have a great party!

5. Drink too much

Open bars have become more common. And while free drinks are great, make sure that you can handle your alcohol.

Nobody wants to babysit a drunk — at a wedding reception, no less — so be mindful. And of course, don’t drink and drive! If you’ve had one too many margaritas, hitch with a friend so you can be safe.

With these do’s and don’ts in mind, you’re all set to become a great wedding guest! Just remember to be respectful and mindful of the couple and other guests as you all just want the same thing: a fuss-free and enjoyable wedding you’ll cherish for life.

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